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Real Estate Entrepreneurs & Investors Association NYC

Welcome to REIA NYC, an Official New York Chapter of National REIA, is a community that is looking forward to supporting individual’s success. We provide a platform for successful New York real estate entrepreneurs and investors who want to inspire others to pursue their dreams and be successful in their own ventures through sharing their challenges and success stories.

At REIA NYC, members are able to access a pool of information and resources that can be helpful in doing real estate business. Apart from providing education and sharing knowledge, REIA NYC also works to help boost each member’s confidence.

We Let You Learn from the Experts


The type of business owners or real estate investors can be divvied into two – inactive and active. If you categorize yourself as an active business owner or investor, then investing into REIA NYC can give you a spectacular return on investment.

To be successful in the field of real estate, which is constantly changing, the existing and aspiring investors need to equip themselves with essential knowledge and skills that can help them adapt to the changes and endure the tight competition. However, finding who to learn from is a bit challenging. To guarantee that you get the right knowledge, you need to learn from the experts who have proven success in the industry.

Hence, REIA NYC gathers all the sought after, respected, and most trusted leaders in the real estate and corporate world. Experienced professionals and New York real estate investors come together to provide learning programs and education on a broad range of trusted and proven business and real estate investing strategies. Every program offered upholds the highest level of ethical standards; every member is seen as the owner of their business who needs all the support, coaching and services that any CEO needs.

We believe that knowledge is power and is where real wealth begins. We also believe that it is from knowledge, and not from money alone, that true freedom comes; the knowledge that enables wealth, management, growth and creation for a lifetime. Therefore, REIA NYC is committed to empowering individuals to take complete control over their financial future.

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REIA NYC Membership


Do you want to become a successful New York Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur? The New York Real Estate Entrepreneur & Investor Association will help you to make that happen.

REIA NYC’s membership is more than a membership but is likely an investment that delivers a ROI higher than its cost. Nevertheless, in order to make a high ROI, members also need to spend some time and effort participating in the activities.

The membership comes in several plans, offering aspiring members the flexibility to work around their own schedules. All the membership plans, though, likely offers similar benefits including access to New York and Long Island investor meetings, participation in the REIA NYC Masterminds and Focus Groups, access to the REIA Corporate and Vendor members, huge discounts and rebates from national companies, and much more. The best thing, as the REIA NYC membership grows, our services will be made better and new services added through group collaboration and team building.

Monthly Membership Meetings

These meetings are the heart and soul of REIA NYC. Every month you have the opportunity to attend a workshop, receive an in depth market update presentation, network with your fellow Investors and our Business Associates…plus…have an opportunity to present to the membership properties you have for sale and hear a guest speaker. There is ample time set aside for networking.

The general session includes a guest speaker that is an expert in a specific area of real estate investing.  There is no other organization in New York City that brings individuals and organizations interested in investing in real estate together with the business community that supports them and this happens every month! Create your network and support group that will help make you successful!

  • Education Classes and Seminars

    Increasing your knowledge and improving your skills will make you a more successful investor. We currently offer over 40 classes and many workshops through our Education Providers in foreclosure, short sales, tax liens, probate, 1031 property exchange and more. Many additional courses will be added.

  • Corporate Members

    To assist our members with building their team and forming their network, REIA NYC has a Corporate Membership for businesses that offer services and products that real estate investors need. Corporate Members are invited to join REIA NYC based on member referral and satisfactory completion of our evaluation process. Our Corporate Members are available to our members at monthly general meetings making it easy for our members to build their network.

  • Sponsorships

    Sponsorship at REIA NYC meetings is available to leading players and developers in the real estate industry. Our educational & networking events attract local professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs throughout New York County and surrounding areas on a monthly basis.

  • Focus Groups

    REIA NYC members may join one or more focus groups. Focus groups are formed to provide additional networking opportunities for real estate investors that share similar interests. Focus groups are facilitated by REIA NYC members and operate under guidelines from the association.

  • Government Affairs

    REIA NYC works with National REIA and its lobbyist to represent the needs of real estate investors in the legislative and executive branches at our state capitol. Our desire is to understand issues or potential legislation that may affect real estate investing and communicate that information to our members. We plan for our collective voices to be heard on issues that affect our members.

  • Volunteers

    The Association’s success depends upon the members and the dedication of its volunteers. Members have the opportunity to volunteer in a specific areas of interest to a subset of the membership or the entire membership. Volunteer opportunities include helping at monthly meetings, in the office and/or facilitating a subgroup or mastermind.

  • Member’s Monthly Newsletter

    The REIA NYC Reader newsletter is published quarterly and contains tips on investing, topical articles from experts on subjects important to you, updates on legislation affecting the real estate investor and other important information.

  • Community Programs

    REIA NYC will involve the association, its members and the broader real estate investing community in worthwhile community programs or projects that: 1) Delivers a valuable service to the community, 2) Creates a “sense of community” within the REIA NYC, 3) Provides value to our members that participate, and 4) Promotes REIA NYC’s positive vision and mission.