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Mindful Money Matters – Part 1

By: Dr. Lorie Nicholas, REIA NYC Financial Literacy Coach Real estate investing requires being mindful of how you manage your money. To assess how you are doing, let's take a look at your relationship with money. Please answer the following questions: I feel guilty after I have spent a lot of money, knowing that I cannot afford it. Money is a topic that has caused a lot of disagreements /arguments in my family. Financial problem ..

Mindful Money Matters – Part 2

By: Dr. Lorie Nicholas, REIA NYC Financial Literacy Coach In the financial world, one of the most powerful 4 letter words that can invoke a variety of emotions in a person is the word “Debt.” When you hear this word, take a few minutes and explore the first thoughts, feelings and images (what I am going to refer to as sensory perceptions) that come into your mind. Were those thoughts, feelings and images positive or negative?  ..

Mindful Money Matters – Part 3

By: Dr. Lorie Nicholas, REIA NYC Financial Literacy Coach Developing A Positive Prosperity Consciousness Are you sabotaging your ability to have a positive prosperity consciousness ? There are many ways in which we sabotage our ability to develop a prosperous lifestyle, an opportunity to get out of debt, or take advantage of such opportunities to invest successfully in real estate. Two primary ways in which we tend to sabotage things ..

It’s Time To Make An Income Shift

By: Heather Robinson, Financial Prosperity As a financial advisor and coach, I’ve listened to hundreds of people explain their financial dilemmas. So many stories of student loans and other debts, stories of living paycheck to paycheck, stories of working too hard and not seeing the fruits of their labor. From the outside these issues look like an expense problem, but the reality is that most people are not living very extravagant ..

Student Loans and Your Credit Score: 4 Little Known Facts

Many student borrowers are not sure about how their educational loans will ultimately affect their credit score. Are these loans just like any other, or is their impact somehow different? The answer is, it's a little bit of both. On one hand, the effect of your student loans is very similar to any other institutional loan. Pay on time, and your credit score goes up. Don't pay on time, and your credit profile will suffer. On the oth ..

REPAYE Makes Your Student Loan Payments More Manageable

By Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq., REIA NYC In order to combat the rising tide of student debt, the government has tried to make repayment of student loans easier for mid to low income borrowers. Its series of income - driven repayment plans, such as the popular Pay As You Earn program (PAYE), cap your federal student loan payments at a percentage of your discretionary income - a percentage that can range from 15%, all the way down to 0%.  ..

Should You Open a 529 College Savings Plan?

By Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq., REIA NYC According to recent College Board data , the average budget for an in - state public college is about $24,061 a year. For a private institution, that average jumps up to $47,831! While the price of college may seem overwhelming, the government provides several programs to make it more doable for parents who want to help off - set the cost s of their children's college degree. One such program  ..