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Mindful Money Matters – Part 2

By: Dr. Lorie Nicholas, REIA NYC Financial Literacy Coach In the financial world, one of the most powerful 4 letter words that can invoke a variety of emotions in a person is the word “Debt.” When you hear this word, take a few minutes and explore the first thoughts, feelings and images (what I am going to refer to as sensory perceptions) that come into your mind. Were those thoughts, feelings and images positive or negative?  ..

Mistakes To Avoid When Financing Your Home

By REIA NYC Buying and financing a home is the most important personal financial decision we will make in our lifetime. Over a lifetime, the average homeowner may pay one-half of a million dollars or more in mortgage interest, many times more than any other single expense. Yet, the process and substance of home finance remains a mystery to the average American. We tend to know much more about our automobiles than we do about mortgage ..