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3 Marketing Tips for New Real Estate Investors

By Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq., REIA NYC One thing that many new real estate investors struggle with is how to properly market their real estate investment business in order to generate more qualified leads. It's a problem that shouldn't be taken lightly either, because attracting and retaining targeted real estate buyers, sellers, and potential partners is a vital element in the success of your business. But before I go on, let me mak ..

Is Your Client List Profitable?

By: James Thompson, REIA NYC Director of Technology After the networking session, seminar or workshop is over, how do we as small business owners keep in touch with the leads interested in doing business with us? If “The Fortune is in the Follow Up!” and it take 8-12 contacts with one lead to convert the lead into a client, what do we do as small business owners with limited time and resources. We continuously attend events pr ..