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Breakout Partner™

Meet Jessica. A young, ambitious individual like yourself who launched her own Real Estate business. Jessica was serious about building a family legacy she was proud of, and seeing herself empowered in the position she knew she was always destined to be. She was serious about owning her own business and knew that her own drive coupled with accountability and team-work with other like-minded women were the foundation for her success.

She wanted real wealth and a better future for her family.

Price: $6,997

Program Details


Breakout Partner is designed for ambitious individuals like Jessica who want to learn the skills necessary to create success in Real Estate.

Program Benefits

  • 8 Live Mentoring Sessions With REIA NYC Coaches –– Second to none, each one-of-a-kind session promises to bring you one step closer to a wealthy you. With 30 years of collective real estate, property management, marketing and business experience, our coaches analyze deal structures and incorporate real-life scenarios, LIVE and IN-PERSON. No question will be left unanswered.
  • 12 Private One-On-One Pre-Scheduled Coaching Calls –– Take advantage of this one-on-one, candid opportunity with your personal Coach. No one successful does it alone! As you embark on this accountability partnership, you’re twice as likely to accomplish your goals and accelerate your journey to wealth and success. Don’t reinvent the wheel, instead monopolize on the quality time with your experienced counterpart. Our program is custom designed for ambitious and entrepreneurial women just like you.
  • 3 Live Real Estate Mastermind Groups –– Time to apply theory to reality! Not only will you make offers and negotiate deals but problem-solve for the challenges ahead. With the help of your Coach, no undertaking is too great. More importantly, both you and your Coach will experience these sessions together.
  • 6 Live Tele-Seminars Recorded With A Guest Expert –– Every month we’ll interview an influential woman who has achieved and made her legacy a reality. These interviews cover the fundamentals of both the Real Estate and business world, as well as the mentality and progressive mind-set it takes to make your dreams of wealth into a reality. These transcripts will serve as an additional resource available for your success.
  • 12 months of E-mail/Phone Support with Coaches –– Like anything new, practice makes perfect which holds true for your new journey to success and wealth. As a coaching student, you remain first priority. In order to best address your needs, an exclusive email address has been created for that sole purpose. Additionally, as a thank you for your year-long commitment, you’ll have special access to this account.
  • Two-Year Membership to REIA NYC –– Enjoy the benefits of REIA NYC, the premiere National Real Estate Investment Association in New York City. Members are treated monthly to a wide-array of real estate topics, legislative updates and networking opportunities. Join these action-takers every second Wednesday of the month at 6 p.m. This gives you the advantage of meeting influential mentors during our meetings.

So, if you’re a busy, strong-minded woman who wants to learn the skills necessary to create success in Real Estate, Breakout Partner is for you. Remember, we’re able to offer our Success in Real Estate Coaching Programs™ at the lowest possible cost to entrepreneurial women only because we’re the largest and most successful provider. Not enough?

Act now and receive all these additional benefits:

  • Preparation of your individual and business tax returns
  • The structuring and formation of your business (State filing fees not included)
  • Tax reduction strategies personally tailored for you
  • Learn to manage your assets and portfolio
  • Plan for your year-end taxes
  • Unlimited consultations with our Wealth Building Coaches
  • Business meetings with our Wealth Building Coaches
  • Free review of your prior tax returns (up to the past 3 years)
  • Learn how to properly plan for your retirement
  • Assistance with setting up your bookkeeping

Jessica now has time to focus on what’s important to her and has built lasting wealth and a legacy for her family she can pass on for generations. She has become the financial leader of her household. She’s happily busy helping others, and caring for all her family’s needs. Her children show her the appreciation she deserves. Her husband praises her. She no longer has any fear of the future.

Jessica attracted this wealth through faith, working hard, and positive thinking. With the right mindset, and enrollment in our Breakout Partner program, you too can be like Jessica. This wealth of knowledge is now yours for a one-time payment of $6,997 or 5 payments of $1,680. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

We hope by now you have a vision. Our vision, passion, and mission is to see women empowered and taking the throne in positions of financial leadership not just in their families, but also in business, the stock market, and real estate. Let us help you Enjoy Your Legacy!

Price: $6,997