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Build Lasting Wealth™

Imagine yourself having complete financial freedom. As an independent woman who’s achieved career success with her own business, time is your most valuable asset. It’s the only thing you can’t really buy more of, but since you generate enough passive income through your business to cover all your expenses you have the freedom to use your time exactly as you please. Financial freedom provides you the space to focus on what’s important to you and build lasting wealth and legacy for your family.

Price: $4,997

Program Details


You’ve become the financial leader of your household. You’re always busy helping others, and caring for all your family’s needs. As an empowered woman whose legacy is in the process of coming to full fruition, you realize how important it is never to suffer from a self-defeatist attitude. Of never thinking to yourself, “I can’t do this” … Never think to yourself, I can’t do this because “I’m a single mother.” Never think to yourself, I can’t do this because “I’m divorced.” Never think to yourself, I can’t do this because “I’m not worthy” … You are worthy, and you are worth it! It’s important to always love yourself for who you are, because if you don’t love yourself nobody else will.

As you’ve realized by now, wealth may not always mean money. Wealth means different things to different people, but what is of utmost importance is the security that comes with it. The purpose of our Wealth Builder Program™ is to take you step by step through the steps required to run a successful and efficient business.

This program focuses on specific elements of the Wealth Building System to help you achieve your goals: Tax Planning, Tax Preparation, Entity Structuring, Business Meetings, Real Estate Investing, and more. At the end of 12 months you'll be in a position to successfully operate your own business. During this period, we’re going to work with you on all aspects of your finances which will greatly reduce your chances of making a mistake.

Program Benefits

  • Preparation of your individual and business tax returns
  • The structuring and formation of your business (State filing fees not included)
  • Tax reduction strategies personally tailored for you
  • Learn to manage your assets and portfolio
  • Plan for your year-end taxes
  • Unlimited consultations with our Wealth Building Coaches
  • Business meetings with our Wealth Building Coaches
  • Free review of your prior tax returns (up to the past 3 years)
  • Learn how to properly plan for your retirement
  • Assistance with setting up your bookkeeping
  • 12 one-on-one personal 30 minute private coaching sessions with Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq.
  • 5 minute laser coaching sessions by phone in between your regular sessions - - allowing you to make personal connections with which you may either share successes or get immediate feedback, instead of having to wait for your next session.
  • In between session e-mail support, for convenient communication when you need it most.
  • Access to pertinent tools and assessments along with our network of contacts and resources.

There’s no time like the present. The time to achieve strength, independence, and emotional fulfillment is now. The time to start achieving your dreams is now. The time to start building a legacy you’re proud of that your family can use to grow and empower themselves beyond generations is now!

We’re going to teach you how to amass wealth, how to keep wealth, and how to keep your wealth growing. Enroll in Build Lasting Wealth™ today and let us share the timeless wisdom of the wealthy with you. This invaluable knowledge is yours for a one-time payment of $4,997 or 5 monthly payments of $1,200.

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

We hope by now you have a vision. Our vision, passion, and mission is to see women empowered and take the throne where they need to be. Let us help you Enjoy Your Legacy!

Price: $4,997