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Investing your money in an association that can ensure your return is one of the best feelings that you can have. Therefore, if you are planning to invest, Real Estate Investors & Agents Association NYC (REIA NYC) is perfect for you. With its consistency in results and excellent service, you can feel the satisfaction after you invest your money. Your money and time is in good hands because we will provide you the best service that you are expecting from your coach and stand committed and equipped to help you.

On the other hand, if you are planning to invest your money in real estate or a business and you are not clear on your ideas, REIA NYC can coach and mentor you. Our association is well known for its high-quality mentoring and coaching plans that work. Our coaches are professionals with years in this industry. Many members have already been satisfied with our service. In fact, they have positive feedback about our coaching service because they are able to build their plan effectively.

With our extensive real estate, business and financial knowledge, we can navigate the financial crisis and build a working budget that can remove debt, learn how to deal with creditors and, at the same time, you can learn how to build wealth. With the procedures and systems that we help you implement, we can help you to stay on track in your finances and at the same time with your life goals.

Where are you now and where would you like to be as a real estate investor THIS year?


Are you ...

Just Starting Out? You'll learn the mental attitude it takes to be an investor, and how other members, many without any capital or credit, have been able to start successfully investing much sooner than they ever felt possible. We will help you get to your first investment property within the first year.

Starting Over? Have the past few years wiped out what you spent a lifetime to create? Instead of trying to find your way back on your own, REIA Coaches, who are pros in their respective fields, will help you navigate your way back in the shortest time.

Looking to Secure Your Retirement? Maybe you've done well and have accumulated wealth, but are a little concerned about your retirement? REIA NYC has many members like you, as well as programs and plans to help you ensure the future you desire. Let REIA Coaches help you create your next game plan.

Already Wealthy or Wanting more? If you think you have mastered Real Estate Investing and Business, we have the resources to help you diversify and create more, as well as the platform to allow you the opportunity to help others through REIA Wealth Academy – our premier education and training platform.

How Does Our REIA Coaching Program Accelerate Your Real Estate Investment GamePlan?


Most of the people have their linear income wherein the potential wealth is restricted by time. When you think financial freedom, it is defined as residual income that is exceeding expenses. That said, residual income comes from wealth producing assets. Those assets can produce a passive income such as interest payments, dividends, royalties, and rental properties. Therefore, in our coaching program, those factors are being designed, developed and personalized with your end goal in mind.

Our Coaching Program Offers Numerous Advantages Such As:

Build a Solid Business - With our program, you will spend less time making mistakes while spending more time on your family with our proven and perfected system.

Goal Achievement and Preparation - We will help you to set realistic and progressive goals that we think you can achieve based on what exactly motivates you.

Enhance Your Business Skills - With us, you are able to learn effective techniques that will help you step-by-step through the development and negotiating your deals.

Real Estate Investments - Leverage and maximize your potential as a real estate investor. We have multiple options inside our facilitated wealth system allowing you to leverage our power team in your wealth creation. If you would like our help with one property or if you would like to build and ever growing portfolio we have options for you.

Momentum - With our coaching program, we are going to help you to gain inspiration and focus on what you need in order to be successful.

Getting your own REIA Coach will help you to develop and be able to invest or build a business successfully with our New York team-made experts. Your next real estate investment is within reach.

If you’re ready to take your investing career to the next level, click below to find out how we can help.

Coaching Programs

  • Enjoy Your Legacy: Success in Real Estate™

    Imagine a world where women hold the positions of financial leadership. Not just in their families, but also in business, the stock market, and real estate.

    Most women have linear income, where potential wealth is limited by time. Financial freedom is defined as, “residual income exceeding expenses.” That residual income comes from wealth generating assets. Assets that generate passive income like rental properties, interest payments, dividends, and royalties. When the money you generate exceeds your expenses, you now have the freedom to use your time exactly as you please. To focus on things more important to you, such as love, family, continued success, helping others, and emotional fulfillment in your relationships, marriage, and career.

    Real Estate is one of the greatest investments you can make as a woman to help turn the vision of your legacy into a reality. Transform your life and your bank account NOW with Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq. and her “REIA NYC Coaches”, and have fun while learning to do it!

    Program Benefits

    • Create a Solid Business - Spend less time on mistakes and more time with family with our perfected, easy-to-use system. You’ll always be in control of your business with this system. Whether you’re a woman who has years of investment experience or a complete newbie, you’ll love what you learn to use here.
    • Goal Preparation and Achievement - We’ll help you set progressive and realistic goals we think you can personally achieve based on exactly what motivates you. We want to help you jump-start your success and be well on your way to making your legacy a reality in the first 90 - 120 days.
    • Business Skills 101 - You'll learn proven techniques that’ll help you step-by-step through the process of negotiating deals that earn you money.
    • Money Mastery - Use our stress-free system we've perfected over several decades so you’re able to manage the finances of your business.
    • Real Estate Investing - Whether you’re young, a single-mom, just graduated, or divorced, you’re going to learn valuable information about starting from nothing. Starting small and building your real estate investment company the way we’ve done it. You're going to learn how to do it based on the local real estate market from successful women who have done it and are still doing it.
    • Property Management - Learn several fascinating methods you can use to manage your properties without being a 'do-it-yourself' handy-woman or ‘Jill-of-all-trades’. Learn how to streamline your entire property management process so you don't have to worry about tenants, personally deal with them (if you don't want to), but still maintain great relationships, have happy tenants, and keep your properties looking immaculate.
    • Success Blueprint - We're going to share with you all of our best strategies for buying properties with creative financing, no money down and maximizing monthly cash flow and equity in your properties.
    • Momentum - You're going to gain the focus and inspiration you need just from being around other successful women who are all encouraging to each other and dedicated to changing their lives. Our vision to see women empowered will inspire you to get out there and empower yourself.
    • Verbal Communication Skills - Even if you would never consider yourself a salesperson, or a Communicator, as an entrepreneur or small business owner, your own communication skills drive every aspect of your business.
    • Wealth Building Program - There’s no time like the present. The time to achieve strength, independence, and emotional fulfillment is now. The time to start achieving your dreams is now. The time to start building a legacy you’re proud of that your family can use to grow and empower themselves beyond generations is now. The purpose of our Wealth Builder Program™ is to take you step by step through the steps required to run a successful and efficient business.

    Real Estate Programs Include:

  • Enjoy Your Legacy: build lasting Wealth™

    Build Lasting Wealth™

    Imagine yourself having complete financial freedom. As an independent woman who’s achieved career success with her own business, time is your most valuable asset. It’s the only thing you can’t really buy more of, but since you generate enough passive income through your business to cover all your expenses you have the freedom to use your time exactly as you please. Financial freedom provides you the space to focus on what’s important to you and build lasting wealth and legacy for your family.

  • Generational Wealth Zone (GWZ) Creditability Business Portal
    GWZ CreditABILITY is Business Finance & Credit Education System To Promote Success. The system promises to ASSIST businesses to start, grow, succeed and create jobs; EDUCATE and EMPOWER business owners to aid in their success and PROVIDE access to our business finance & credit system.

    We Help Your Business To Get Ready To Be Approved
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  • Financial Psychology

    You will have a clear picture of your goal setting, relationship with money, spending and savings habits.

  • Accounts and Budgeting

    You will know how to automate and systematize your finances so you‘re able to save more and stay organized.

  • Credit and Debt

    You will know how to repair, build or maintain an excellent credit history and confidently act on your debt elimination plan.

  • Skill Growth

    You will identify the skills that get you paid.

  • Business Relations

    Develop an understanding of networking and business relations. Through this understanding you will identify the importance of networking to build business relationships, contacts and potential job opportunities. You learn how networking goes beyond meeting people and they will learn that it is a relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

  • Long-Term Planning

    You learn the importance of cash flow, personal financial plans, wills and trusts to help you proactively prepare for your financial future.

  • Social Enterprise

    You gain an understanding of an entrepreneurial lifestyle and mindset. We explore what a social entrepreneur is and the skills entrepreneurs must possess as well as instructions on how to become an entrepreneur that focuses on benefiting society.

  • Income

    Provides you with knowledge about various types of ways to earn an income. You will participate in lessons that help you pick up the skills needed to make additional income, get hired, move up within a company and transition to other careers.

  • Real Estate Investments

    Will help new investors find the knowledge, support, and money they need to launch a successful real estate investing career.