Done For You Real Estate
Real Estate Entrepreneurs & Investors Association NYC

REIA NYC's Team Believes in Assisting You to Grow a Thriving Real Estate Portfolio


Here's What It Means
  • You benefit from their experience and stellar track record. The team does the tough stuff.
  • You remain in control, with 100% ownership – The team finds the properties.
  • You have access to the best markets, nationwide – The team shows you all the options, risks and opportunities.
  • You make the decisions – The team handles the transactions and manage your property.
  • You collect the checks - AND 100% of your profits.

This includes implementing the nation's best investment strategies and systems. These systems and strategies are founded on 6 simple criteria.

  • It takes you the least amount of TIME
  • It takes you the least amount of EFFORT
  • It gives you the least amount of RISK
  • It allows you to provide a SERVICE in the community
  • It is the most PROFITABLE for you
Optimized For You

With these 6 criteria, we have developed a system, where you focus on a short term buy and hold strategy, in the very best markets in the nation. These homes are bought below the median, with very strict parameters, which helps to maximize YOUR profits and minimize your risk!

If you want better options then you have had in the past and would like to know what you can do with a power team in your corner, then make the choice now to receive your FREE personalized game plan.

Eliminating Obstacles

Some of the obstacles that have kept you from having successful real estate as part of your portfolio might look like:

No Time
No Credit
No Experience
No Money

It is great to know that, with REIA NYC's Facilitated Wealth System, those no longer have to be obstacles that keep you from success. In fact, REIA NYC's system was developed to alleviate those obstacles. Starting with Your Free Personalized Game Plan, you guarantee yourself a better today and a more comfortable and peaceful tomorrow.

You Won't Be Alone

Even if you are doing all the work you will still need a power team. You will still need others to take their expertise and add that value to your personal process. You will want to gather others around you who are all having similar experiences so that you can all work together towards accomplishing your personal goals.


With our Facilitated Wealth System, our team does all the heavy lifting for you. We built a system around the very best type of investing to remove the guesswork. You get an entire team that eats, breathes, and sleeps real estate and they are at your disposal. You are the CEO of your thriving real estate business and you have the very best team in the nation who is there to do it all for you, making it easy and painless.

We have multiple options inside our Facilitated Wealth System, allowing you to leverage our power team in your wealth creation. If you would like our help with one property or if you would like to build an ever growing portfolio we have options for you.

All you need to do is request your FREE Personalized Game Plan.