Investor Agent Mastermind
Real Estate Entrepreneurs & Investors Association NYC

This Mastermind is looking for action-takers to build additional streams of income through Real Estate investing, acquiring a license and representing other investors or self-representation. 

In fact, there is a lot of potential when using your license as an income producing asset. We’ll show you how to control your profits and generate new income streams, without the heavy lifting.

  • Part One: Who You Are & Where you Are:

    1. Identify your best profit strategy. Are you an Agent first or an Investor? Are you an Investor first and then an Agent?

    2. Earn more and better commissions by targeting the right towns and the right neighborhoods.

  • Part Two: INVESTOR Rules of Engagement:

    1. Close more investors by understanding their mindset when:

    • Flipping properties
    • Renting
    • Wholesaling

    2. Maximize profits for your clients and yourself using proven, expert tools and techniques for property selection and income analysis.

  • Part Three: AGENT Rules of Engagement:

    1. Leverage your license as an income producing asset. Earn multiple commissions per client and uncover profitable investments for yourself.

    2. Make more money and not just more work using a vital record-setting process developed over 29 years of top-producing results in both income and transactions.

  • Part Four: An Abundance of Clients

    1. Attract and keep top quality investors with the most money and best credit

    2. Increase your return on investment by using the most effective marketing and advertising campaigns.

    3. REO Registration List

  • Part Five: Wheel Of Fortune:

    1. Open the door to multiple revenue streams by expanding your lines of business.

    2. Pursue at least three sources of income from the many available to you.

  • Part Six: The Secrets of Financing:

    1. Remove barriers by knowing and navigating the various alternative methods of financing to keep transactions & income flowing.

  • BONUS TOPICS: Tax Strategies & Legal Affairs

    1. Learn tax strategies for Real Estate Investors to use that will maximize returns on their investments AND

    2. Get secret tactics for negotiating sales agreements

Investor-Agent Mastery Series


This portion of the program is a LIVE, 1 hour audio-visual webinar available via your computer or smartphone.

Network, trouble-shoot and strategize with mastermind participants of the program during weekly Live Online Audio/Video Coaching for 52 WEEKS!