Jumpstart Program
Real Estate Entrepreneurs & Investors Association NYC

Jumpstart For Experienced Investors


Welcome to REIA NYC's Jumpstart Program for Experienced Investors

We want to congratulate you on your success as a real estate investor. At REIA NYC, we hope we will be able to assist you in becoming more successful and achieving your ultimate goals.

There are many different levels of experienced real estate investors. We are confident you will find items and activities in our program that will help you, regardless of your experience level.

Thank you for being a part of REIA NYC.

Try our quiz as a review of your understanding of the fundamentals of real estate investing, personal finance and basic stocks which are our core building principles. It is broad in scope and covers the following areas:

  • Investor Strategies
  • Legal Precautions
  • Causes of Distress
  • Financing
  • Finding Sellers
  • Passive Investing
  • Legal terms
  • Team Building
  • Pre-foreclosure
  • Tools
  • Trustee Sale and REO
  • Credit
  • Short Sales
  • Stock Market
  • Wholesaling

This Test Serves as a Dual Purpose in REIA NYC

  • Provides a key component to our Jumpstart Program for Investors
  • For the investor who opts to not participate in the Jumpstart Program, the test provides a way to waive of the Getting Started Prerequisite. A passing grade is required.

The test is graded on the following scale of correct answers.

43-46:   Review missed questions.

40-42:   Study areas of missed questions.

37-39:   Study areas of missed questions.

There is No Charge for the Test

  • 1
    Download, Print & Complete your contact information.
  • 2
    Indicate if you are a Jumpstart Program participant or seeking a waiver information.
  • 3
    Complete the downloaded test by circling an answer for each question.
  • 4
    Fax completed test or final page of the online quiz to the REIA NYC office at 844-300-4333
You will get immediate feedback on the online test. You will receive an email with your test results for those that are faxed in. If you have any questions, please call the REIA NYC office at