Jumpstart Program
Real Estate Entrepreneurs & Investors Association NYC

Jumpstart For New Investors


Welcome to REIA NYC's Jumpstart Program for New Investors

We want to help you overcome any challenges and issues you face and help you be a successful real estate investor. You’ve made a good first decision by joining REIA NYC.

Follow these steps and you will receive the maximum support and an excellent chance of success. The steps in the Jumpstart Program do not need to be completed in order except where explained.

REIA NYC membership is required to participate in our Jumpstart Program. 

There is no cost to participate in the program. However, there is a cost to attend the new investor classes outlined in Step #3 depending on your level of membership to help cover the cost of delivering the classes.

Value is measured in time and money. We are confident the value you will receive in this program is tremendous.

Steps to new investor Success!

  • Step 1 - Attend New member & Benefits Orientation

    REIA NYC’s New Member & Benefit Orientation is a complete overview of everything REIA NYC has to offer its members. We offer many benefits to our members including education, networking, great discounts and more. You need to know how to maximize your return for being part of REIA NYC.

    Some of the topics covered include:

    • Your REIA NYC team
    • www.REIA NYC.org – Understanding how to use the website for your benefit.
    • Discounts
    • Education
    • Business Associates
    • Community Programs
    • Legislative Affairs
    • Additional Member Benefits

    REIA NYC’s Benefits of Membership Orientation sessions are scheduled approximately every 30 days online. Check the Class Schedule and register for the next session.

  • Step 2 - Attend REIA NYC Monthly Meetings regularly

    Education, information and networking is key to your success. Monthly meetings will help you to meet people, build your team, stay informed on the market and learn. They are an extremely good use of your time and important to your continued development and future success. This is why so many investors attend every month. REIA NYC members attend REIA NYC’s monthly meetings FREE (depending on level of membership). Certification meetings and classes are paid events.

  • Step 3 - What do you already know?

    Take our REIA NYC Fundamentals Quiz as your introduction to REIA NYC. This quiz is designed to determine your general knowledge of real estate investing, personal finance and basic stocks. The results will help you determine if you would significantly benefit from our Beginner’s Fast Track to Success class or need the Accelerated Furious Fundamentals Real Estate Investing class.

    This quiz serves a dual purpose in REIA NYC. It is a key component to our Jumpstart Program. For the investor who prefers not to participate in the Jumpstart Program, the quiz provides a way to waive the getting started prerequisite. A passing grade is required. The quiz is graded the on the following scale of correct answers.

    43-46 Review missed questions.
    40-42 Study areas of missed questions.
    37-39 Study areas of missed questions. Give serious consideration to taking classroom instruction.
    less than 37 - You must complete either the accelerated fundamentals or quick start to success

    There is no charge for the quiz. To take the quiz, download and print the quiz: click here. Email or fax your answers to membership@REIA NYC.org or 844-300-4333

  • Step 4 - Accelerated Furious Fundamentals of Real Estate Investing or fast Start to Success Class

    At this point in the process you will be able to determine which class will benefit you the most. We find that almost all new investors benefit from taking one of these classes. You may need additional knowledge to complete your business plan or a better understanding of real estate investing strategies.

    The Accelerated Furious Fundamentals of Real Estate Investing is a full day class designed to give the beginning investor a foundation to begin their real estate investing career. There is a charge to attend this class.

    This Class Covers:

    • Types of Real Estate Investments
    • Why to Invest in Each
    • Types of Investment Properties
    • Pros & Cons of Each
    • Goal Setting & Managing Your Time
    • Networking
    • Asset Protection – LLCs
    • Introduction to Finding & Researching Investment Property
    • Financing Investment Property
    • Team Building
    • Exit Strategies
    • Finding Buyers
    • Lease Options
    • Wholesaling
    • And More!

    The Fast Track to Success– REIA NYC offers an alternative class for those who already have a deal or two under their belt or scored high on the Fundamentals Quiz. Quick Start is three very fast paced hours of instruction for new investors. This class is the second in the Beginner’s Track with a review of strategies and more extensive work on getting your investing business on a solid track. There is a charge to attend this class.

    Check the Class Schedule and register for the next class that best fits your needs. If you are having trouble deciding, call the REIA NYC office at 646-278-6724 and a staff member will be glad to help.

  • Step 5 - Business Planning Process

    Do you know what you want to accomplish with real estate investing and why? Committing to your goals and objectives is a critical step in your success. Attend the Business Planning Workshop to understand this process, receive the forms you need to complete and get started on the right foot. Our Business Planning Workshop includes:

    • Understanding why purpose is important
    • Defining your purpose
    • How to set your real estate investing objectives to support your purpose and goals
    • How to establish your 90 Day Plan
    • How to establish your Monthly Plan
    • Tools to achieve your Plan

    Check the Class Schedule and register for the next workshop. There is no cost to attend.

  • Step 6 - One-on-One Business Plan Review and Coaching Session

    Attend a 30 minute private confidential session with REIA NYC’s Founder & Counsel, Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq., to review your business plan. This session is designed to help you determine if your objectives support your goals and if your plans are reasonable to reach your objectives. Did you choose the right real estate investing strategy to accomplish your goals and one that fits into your life style? Do you need multiple strategies? This session may save you months of frustration and heading off in the wrong direction. You must have completed your business plan to schedule your session. There is no cost to you for this very valuable coaching session.

  • Step 7 - Collect Your Real Estate Investor Jumpstart Certificate.

    Turn in your completed Jumpstart Checklist and receive a Certificate of Completion recognizing your dedication and hard work getting your real estate investing activities off to a fast start. Congratulations!

    To get started, Download your Checklist. You don’t have to complete the steps in order. You can start with Step #1, 2, 3 or 4 depending on your schedule or when the activity is available. NOTE: Steps 5, and 6 must be completed in order after the first four are completed.

    The important thing is to get started. Your success is only limited by the effort you put into it. REIA NYC is here to help you. We want you to enjoy the success that comes with achieving your goals.

    The Jumpstart Program for REIA NYC’s New Investors is just that, a start.

    REIA NYC has a lot more to offer you along your road to becoming a successful real estate investor and after you have become a huge success. Attend the meetings, join one or more of our sub-groups like the New Investors Subgroup, network and give back! Remember, REIA NYC is here to help!