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Masterminds & Investment Clubs

An exclusive training program for wealth and income

If you are an Investor...

Who is also a Real Estate Agent OR are considering becoming a Real Estate Agent,


If you are a Real Estate Agent...

Who is also an Investor OR considering becoming an Investor

You can learn how to

Leverage Your Time & Make More Money...Not More Work!

When you plan to become an exceptional New York real estate investor or real estate agent, an elite New York real estate investors association is needed to help you open doors for creating massive wealth and income that produce profits far exceeding what you make on your investments alone. Hence, when it comes to real estate investment associations in New York, REIA NYC is the best option. Here at Real Estate Investors Association NYC (REIA NYC), there is a lot of potential when you learn to use your license as an income-producing asset. You can leverage it because you’re already doing the work. You’re either representing people or investing, or both. We’ll show you how to control build additional income streams...without more work.

When it comes to New York real estate sales and real estate investments, it is hard to convince people to invest in this industry because doubts just keep on coming. However, if you make use of your skills, you can attract people to start investing and that’s made possible by turning your clients into investors. With this, you can surely let your clients say "YES and Invest."

There are situations where you have new real estate investors who are still not familiar with the process. Hence, it is easy to help manage and guide them through your step-by-step process. You can do this by showing them that you are a leading investor agent even if it is your first meeting. This will help gauge the investors' level of interest and how best to meet their needs.

From enticing your investors to finding the perfect properties, REIA NYC will enhance your investor agent career every step of the way.

In the Model Investment Clubs, we will be your aid when finding, assessing, negotiating, buying, procuring and renewing cash flowing properties. REIA NYC offers real estate investment classes, workshops and seminars which will help you earn more income successfully and smoothly.

By joining one of REIA NYC's Mastermind & Investment Clubs, you will help yourself earn a living while investing. If you are a real estate agent, you will also learn to monetize your license when representing yourself and other investors. More importantly, you can be part of a community of like-minded trendsetters here at Real Estate Investors Association NYC (REIA NYC).