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For Brotherhood & Generational Wealth!

The MENTour Focus Group Is Actively Involved In:

5 fundamentals of Real Estate Acquisition & Partnership Success

  • Customer Acquisition - Imperative to any organization to survive... getting customers is the lifeblood of your business.
  • Recruiting - Attracting others into the business who also get customers is the key fundamental skill that offers you leverage to exponentially grow your customer base.
  • Team Building - As the old adage goes, TEAM stands for, Together Everyone Achieves More.
  • Leadership - Since everything you do will duplicate, leading by example is a fundamental skill that is imperative to your success.
  • Personal Growth - The more you learn about yourself and other people, the more successful you will become.

Our Programs

Designed To Help You Succeed In Business

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Join Us For Insight & Advice for the Investor and Entrepreneur

Our events provide individuals with an excellent platform to acquire firsthand knowledge and accounts of experiences from some of the most successful business owners, entrepreneurs and real estate investors around. Our seminars allow attendees to:

  • Acquire motivation needed to achieve goals
  • Create and manage businesses
  • Brainstorm ideas for successful expansion of existing businesses
  • Find partners with similar interests and goals
  • Develop leadership and communication skills necessary to survive and succeed in the field