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Who Should Join REIA NYC?

  • Individuals and companies who are committed to the benefits of utilizing real estate investing as a vehicle to achieve financial independence.
  • People who enjoy being around individuals that are proactive, take action, and want to substantially increase their income
  • People who want to belong to an association of people that buy income-producing property, create cash flow or other income streams.
  • Experienced investors who want to stay in touch and are interested in learning creative, advanced methods of real estate investing and sharing their knowledge with others.
  • People who have reached a point in their lives that say, "I need to get out of the rat race."
  • People who are looking to buy their first house.
  • People who want to take advantage of a benefits program with over 100 money saving discounts that increase your margins, including a 2% bi-annual rebate from The Home Depot and 60% off Investor Software from Realeflow.
  • People who want to start a new career either part-time or full-time that can reward you financially beyond your current expectations.
  • People who want to share your knowledge with others.