REIA global Wealth Academy
Real Estate Entrepreneurs & Investors Association NYC

Are you looking for a safe community to grow your business and your real estate portfolio? Well, you are in the right place. The New Community of Real Estate Investors, Agents and Entrepreneurs Association, REIA Global Wealth Academy is the ultimate business development and real estate community who can help you make money!

Grow Your Own Business. Generate Your Cash Flow. Build Your Real Estate Wealth

Whatever your business, Real Estate Investors Association NYC can offer you everything you need! We are equipped with tried and tested wealth building principles appropriate to everyone. Once you become one of us, you can rest assured you’ve put yourself on the journey to success and wealth.

With REIA global Wealth Academy, Here's What You'll Get

High-Quality Tools and Materials

We offer the best and the most comprehensive access in the market and are proud of the tools we present to our members. Our home study courses are more than just textbooks – it is an extension of your own education and success.

Professional Instructors

Our instructors are extremely professional and skilled real estate licensees and business owners who have had extensive experience when it comes to both real estate investing and business. They are very innovative, interactive and caring self-achievers who do their best always so that you will succeed. They are very passionate and fresh in teaching subject matters about NYC real estate investing and business principles.


At REIA Wealth Academy, we focus exclusively on what our members need to know to achieve their real estate and business goals. We desire you to achieve success, achieve your real estate license or certification and/or become the best investor agent you can be.


The team at Real Estate Investors Association NYC and REIA Wealth Academy are always here for our members. We believe that by being available whenever our members need us and by not being governed by a clock or calendar, we create the family environment that is lacking in most associations. Whatever the question is – you can text or email us.

Monthly Calls

As a REIA Wealth Academy, you can receive extra team-led monthly training and access to our priority interview calls.

We Work Hard For You

At Real Estate Investors Association of NYC and REIA Wealth Academy, we have high standards. We always put people before profits. We are here to guide you and everything we do is fair and transparent. We help you design your own education, training and business path around your gifts and talents, and hence we give our best for you to succeed.

We work very hard not to disappoint or discourage you. Our passion is to work along with you and support you with your goal.

What Are You Waiting For? Make An Investment in Yourself Today!

We are here to help you succeed. Give us a call at (646) 278-6724 for more information. Get mentored by the best trainers and instructors in NYC!