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Johnson Oropeza

263-265 Weirfield Street LLC

My wife and would have to say that Dr. Teresa Martin conducts her business with integrity, passion and with a mission at heart: to make others successful in real estate investing. One can see that it is not about herself but about making sure that her members are successful by being proactive, focused and educated. What she has done for my wife and I (and for the association as a whole) is expose us to many different real estate investment strategies.

In addition, she has made us be aware of creating and the value of "generational wealth." Because Dr. Martin dedicated a Saturday to educate, empower and enlighten all of us who partook in this overseen and very important topic, she has encouraged my wife and I in planning better for our future and that of our family. We would and have recommended others to join the REIA NYC, and have thanked Dr. Martin many of times for her work in providing us meaningful, appropriate, useful and well related topics to help us be successful as Real Estate Professionals and Investors.