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Welcome to REIA NYC, an Official New York Chapter of National REIA, is a community that is looking forward to supporting individual’s success. We provide a platform for successful New York real estate entrepreneurs and investors who want to inspire others to pursue their dreams and be successful in their own ventures through sharing their challenges and success stories.

At REIA NYC, members are able to access a pool of information and resources that can be helpful in doing real estate business. Apart from providing education and sharing knowledge, REIA NYC also works to help boost each member’s confidence.

We Let You Learn from the Experts

The type of business owners or real estate investors can be divvied into two – inactive and active. If you categorize yourself as an active business owner or investor, then investing into REIA NYC can give you a spectacular return on investment.

To be successful in the field of real estate, which is constantly changing, the existing and aspiring investors need to equip themselves with essential knowledge and skills that can help them adapt to the changes and endure the tight competition. However, finding who to learn from is a bit challenging. To guarantee that you get the right knowledge, you need to learn from the experts who have proven success in the industry.

Hence, REIA NYC gathers all the sought after, respected, and most trusted leaders in the real estate and corporate world. Experienced professionals and New York real estate investors come together to provide learning programs and education on a broad range of trusted and proven business and real estate investing strategies. Every program offered upholds the highest level of ethical standards; every member is seen as the owner of their business who needs all the support, coaching and services that any CEO needs.

We believe that knowledge is power and is where real wealth begins. We also believe that it is from knowledge, and not from money alone, that true freedom comes; the knowledge that enables wealth, management, growth and creation for a lifetime. Therefore, REIA NYC is committed to empowering individuals to take complete control over their financial future.

Our Mission Statement

To develop, support and promote real estate investor and entrepreneurs while serving the interests of the real estate investment industry through networking, education, support, leadership on legislative issues, and promoting professionalism and standards of excellence in our industry.

Our Vision

To be THE source for the independent real estate investment industry. Our key focus areas will be legislation, funding, membership, education, administration/governance, information/communication.

Core Purpose

To advance and protect the industry of real estate investing while helping real estate investors and entrepreneurs prosper and add value to their lives and their communities.

Core Values We Believe:

  • Real estate is the safest, surest way to financial security
  • In the power of knowledge…and the importance of sharing it.
  • In professional and ethical business practices that set standards of excellence
  • That the result of professional, ethical real estate investing and management positively contribute to communities and the economy.

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Meet Our Team


Dr. Teresa R Martin, Esq


Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq. is a sought-after attorney, real estate broker, real estate and financial health coach, keynote speaker, author, consultant and a Dave Ramsey Master Coach.

As principal of her own practice, she has honed her skills in the areas of residential & commercial real estate transactions, foreclosure defense litigation and credit restoration services.

In addition to being an attorney, Teresa wears the hat of a seasoned real estate investor with a focus on creative acquisition strategies. Strategies that she developed, implemented and taught to others through her role as Counsel/Founder of Real Estate Investors Association NYC (“REIA NYC”) and as Director and past President of the New York Chapter of Better Investing, the nation’s largest non-profit organization dedicated to investment education.

Her legal experience coupled with her passion for financial ministry and consumer education led her to join and complete her Group Leader training with Fellowship of Companies for Christ International (“FCCI”) in 2005. She continues to use her God-given gifts to encourage, equip and help others understand sound financial biblical principles through Generational Wealth Zone, a conduit for the everyday person to achieve financial freedom through tutelage in the areas of financial literacy, business ownership, real estate and stock market investing.

Teresa has appeared as a legal and real estate expert on Voice of America, Real Estate Straight Talk and numerous radio programs. She has been featured in such publications as Money Magazine and Diva Zone Magazine and more.

11869795_2_Heather Robinson


she has worked as a corporate financial planning analyst (FP&A) and has managed the profit and loss of business segments with over $100 million dollars of gross sales. She specializes in areas of financials statement analysis, budgeting, forecasting, and bookkeeping.

In addition to her corporate experience, Heather is seasoned real estate investor, a personal finance educator, a small business consultant, and the president of a Florida based investment club.  She uses her knowledge and experience to educate & empower others to increase their financial literacy, take control over their personal finances, improve their small business management, and to start investing.

At her core, Heather’s life mission is to simply be to most "perfect" example of a human being for her son.  She defines that as being someone who 1) is totally spiritually connected to God, 2) is physically fit to endure, 3) is financially free to live life to the fullest, 4) has open communication, love, and respect within the family, and 5) makes positive impacts on the world community.

Heather sits on the Advisory Council and serves as Financial Analyst and Bookkeeper for REIA NYC.

Real Estate Area(s): Buy & Hold, Tax Liens

Investing Area(s): Stocks, Futures, Forex

Email: [email protected]



Criminal Justice Administration at John Jay College of Criminal Justice (CUNY). She holds a doctorate in Clinical-Community Psychology. 

Dr. Nicholas invested interest in providing financial education to families came as a result of a personal experience when she fell victim to the subprime economic mortgage crisis (refer to Dr. Nicholas chapter as a co-author in the book “The Law of Business Attraction”).  In addition, to her own personal experiences, many of her clients were experiencing basic financial problems, which resulted in severe stress and created a domino effect in other areas of their lives

Dr. Nicholas is known as the Financial Recovery Doctor. She founded, Dream Builders United, to empower distressed families/home owners through financial education. Families will have the knowledge and resources to live debt-free, and can pursue their dreams of owning and maintaining a home, and reaching other financial goals, while working toward building a legacy of financial freedom for themselves and their families.

Email: [email protected]

11869791_2_Paul Bodley


finally become frustrated and quit all together. 

Having started down the road to real estate investing in the Spring of 2006, Paul experienced the joy of the acquisition, the lows of the housing crash, and the frustration of plans exceeding the bank account.

Paul Bodley: Co-Founder/P&P Realty Developments, LLC (, a family owned company headquartered in Westchester County, New York. The company has grown to include a single-family property portfolio in Central and Western New York, with plans to expand into South Carolina, Indiana, Kansas and Pittsburgh, PA.

Paul worked in the publishing industry for over 25 years and has studied various real estate techniques under the direction of a variety of industry leaders, including but not limited to, Robert Allen, Dave Lindahl (Commercial Real Estate and multi-families), Jeff Adams (REO and Foreclosures), Than Merrill of Fortune Builders (Rehab), Cameron Dunlap and Preston Ely (Wholesaling), and many more.

Being an Advisory Council Member with REIA NYC has allowed him to share his experience as an upstate, out of town landlord with fellow investors who want to walk down that path, and hopefully avoid some of the mistakes he’s made along the journey.

In his role as Legislative Chair of REIA NYC, he updates the membership on various laws and rules that can impact the way we (real estate investors) conduct business. In a geeky way, it's a match made in heaven!

As REIA NYC begins to evolve and grow, so will the role that The Legislative Committee plays in understanding the complex rules of the game.  Using our combined clout insures the rules help, and not hinder our journey to success. I am happy to lead REIA NYC’s crusade in this important fight.

Real Estate Area(s): Buy & Hold, Rehab, Fix and Flip, Lease Options

Investing Area(s): Notes 

Email: [email protected]



Beach, and has worked in the general area of finance for 25 years, including Fortune 500 companies such as American Express Card Services.

Sharon is an Advisory Council Member and Director of Membership at Real Estate Investment Association NYC (REIA NYC), an association that is led by Dr. Teresa R. Martin, a highly sought after speaker and mentor in the real estate and financial realm.

Sharon is the Managing Member for Swift Real Estate LLC, and is the owner of several successful real estate businesses with investment portfolios in the New York Tri-State Area and Midwest markets.

Sharon is currently working on her retirement portfolio in Indianapolis and mentoring others how to do the same.

Sharon real estate knowledge expands the areas of tax liens, tax deeds, buy & hold (landlording) and self-directed IRA private lending.

Sharon also finds time to pursue a voice over career, focusing on real estate education, training, and webinars. 

Email: [email protected]



Team Leader and Communications Chair

A beneficiary of nonprofit programs throughout her formative years, Daniella Fairbairn is an advocate for community well-being. A Healthcare Manager by day, Daniella is a part time Housing Provider with...

property in the Florida market. She holds a Masters Degree in Public Health, with a concentration in Urban Health Administration, and participates as a Coach in the Enjoy Your Legacy Coaching program.

Her drive for excellence is evident in her community involvement and REIA NYC membership, in which she serves as a member of the Advisory Council and Team Leader of the A-Team within REIA NYC. In 2013 & 2014, members of the A-Team won several REIA NYC awards, including 2013 Investor of the Year.

Daniella is a published author and seminar presenter.

Real Estate Area(s): Buy & Hold

Other Area(s): Communications, Customer Service Trainings



customer service and support.  Highly successful in implementing business process improvements, he brings a wealth of knowledge around leadership effectiveness, team building and goal achievement to achieve the highest results possible while providing excellent customer service in today’s challenging transitional business environment. His skill set is also reflective in the real estate industry where he serves as a Housing Provider in the Indiana market. 

James holds a Master of Science in Telecommunications & Networking from Purdue University; Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology from DeVry Institute of Technology and Bachelor of Science in Electronics & Computer Technology from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. He served as Vice President of his local chapter of Epsilon Pi Tau Honorary Society and is affiliated with the National Society of Black Engineers and the National Association of Industrial Technology. 

Email: [email protected]



partnership accounting, tax accountant doing partnership and corporations’ tax returns. She also worked in the implementation of new accounts for new developed stores of Conway stores Inc.

Natacha works currently as an accountant at New York University Hospital on special projects.

Natacha has invested in single and multi-family property across the United States including a recent purchase in Tennessee.

Natacha is a member and Advisory Council Member of the REIA NYC, an elite real estate investment association in New York City.

As a real investor, Natacha understands the importance and value of the REIA NYC and how it can benefit other members.

Natacha belongs to the Lincoln Terrace Tennis Association as well as a member of her church. She is highly involved in the church activities and community events.

Email: [email protected]



been in the legal field for seventeen years. She is currently a litigation paralegal with a major law firm in the City. Sandra is studying to become a State Certified Court Reporter Candidate 2017.

Sandra speaks several languages and assists her clients who speaks Spanish, French and Creole. She has served as a translator at depositions, medical examinations and translator for their attorney.

Sandra has been educated by some of the best real estate mentors in the world including Dave Lindahl of RE Mentor and Christopher Urso of Elite Apartment Coaching, Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Esq. of REIA NYC. Sandra has also studied with Robert Kyosaki.  

Sandra is a Team Leader of the Real Estate Investment Association of New York City (REIA NYC). An association that is led by Dr. Teresa R. Martin, a highly sought after speaker and mentor in the real estate and financial realm. Through REIA NYC, Sandra and her business partner were able to purchase several multi-family properties. Recently, Sandra closed on another property through her link via REIA NYC. Sandra owes several properties with her business partners in various parts of the Country.

Sandra is a firm believer in networking. She teaches/coaches others on how to network, save money and live a more frugal life. Sandra, a marathoner, uses the discipline and fundamental basis of running to direct her life. She also helps others lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Sandra is one of the Team Leaders of REIA NYC. She assists new members when they first join the group. She serves as a mentor, a guide, a coach to these new members and always goes beyond the ordinary to help them succeed.

In her spare time, she has participated in several fundraisers for cancer patients, including the Leukemia and Lymphoma society, the Breast Cancer Walk, and various charitable events.

Email: [email protected]



a retired rank of Major, William joined the Direct Sales industry. As a part-time marketer William shattered records as an independent business owner in Direct Sales and became one of the premier trainers in the industry. 

As a direct sales specialist, trainer and coach, William consults direct sales company owners as well as coaches and trains top-level distributors and real estate investors.

In 2008 William took on his biggest challenge of bridging the knowledge gap between the industries of real estate and credit.  With his unique field training system allowed him to train thousands business owners in multiple business professions.

Much of his trainings are based on real life experiences he’s learned success has come from his ability to break things down to their simplest format in a way that anyone and everyone can understand.

William serves as Director of Membership and Business Development.  He is also a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.

Email: [email protected]


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